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Why PatientFocus?

PatientFocus’ unique and proprietary approach to patient payment billing leverages the power of technology and the expertise of people to drive the results you’re looking for.





Our People

Healthcare is ever changing, but one thing remains consistent, at the heart of great healthcare is great people. We believe the same is true for patient billing. That’s why our team of billing professionals are rewarded on positive patient interactions not collection rates. By focusing on the patient, we’re able to drive a significant increase in revenue while decreasing patient billing complaints. For us “patient first” is more than a slogan, it’s a philosophy we’ve built into everything we do.  

Our Process

Our process is a result of nearly a decade of patient-billing experience. PatientFocus is a white-labeled solution that performs as an extension of your team. By handling 100% of patient outreach from Day One, we’re able to drive an average increase of 51% in patient revenue while reducing inbound calls to your billing office by 95%. This allows your team to focus on the important issues that require your expertise.  

Our Platform

PatientFocus is a robust and customizable platform that integrates into your current system via a HIPAA compliant API. Because we post transactions and notes back into your system, you have an incredibly dynamic patient-billing platform with real-time patient payment information at your fingertips. Our platform conforms to your billing policies and workflow so you can give your patients more payment options and a better patient experience without the limitations of your current system. From statements, to a mobile payment portal, to non-recourse patient financing, our enterprise solution provides your patients with the experience they want and the results you need.  

Our Payment Plans

We believe patient billing is more than sending statements and making outbound calls. Your patient billing solution should actually help patients pay their balance. That’s why we created the industry’s first non-recourse, interest free payment program and seamlessly integrated it into our proven process.

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