The Product Pivot

When Kyle Duke joined PatientFocus, the company was feeling the kind of pain every company wants to feel. It was growing. Fifteen years ago, the market wasn’t ready for PatientFocus. At that time, healthcare costs were primarily covered by insurance. Only 10 percent (or less) of a provider’s revenue came from individual patients. Of that […]

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Why Who’s Paying Matters

There’s a dynamic shift in healthcare that is affecting everyone; patients are being held responsible for more of their bill than ever. Regardless if the cause is higher deductibles or a lack of insurance coverage, the results for providers is the same – an increase in collection time and a decrease in the collected amount. […]

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Baby Boomers Aren’t Patients, They’re Customers

Baby Boomers have changed every market they’ve touched and forced entire industries to improve, step up and otherwise deliver a better product or service. Starting with changes to hospital maternity wards and public schools as their numbers filled both bassinets and classrooms, these institutions grew in number and changed in style to accommodate Boomers’ numbers. Baby Boomers later […]

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