PatientFocus Announces Their Partnership with Pay By Group

PatientFocus Announces Their Partnership with Pay By Group

Today PatientFocus announced its newest partnership with Pay By Group, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Pay By Group is an online payment platform and a perfect fit as PatientFocus continues to innovate and modernize the patient-pay landscape.

“Partnering with PatientFocus is a natural fit for our mission of bringing people together. In this case, it is around something we can all relate to, a loved one’s health,” noted Camilo Acosta, CEO & co-founder of Pay By Group.

Pay By Group is an embedded, white-label payment option that allows friends and family members to collaborate and split the cost of a shared purchase or expense. Pay By Group’s clients include innovative leaders across a variety of industries, from healthcare to travel and retail. Consumers love paying via Pay By Group which leads to increased revenues and loyalty for merchants.

“Pay By Group connects friends and family directly into the billing process where and when their financial help is needed most,” said David Frederiksen, CEO of PatientFocus. “Integrating Pay By Group into our platform demonstrates our commitment to providing a consistent and compassionate patient-billing experience where patients can pay their medical bills on their own timeframe and within their budget. We are delighted to be working together.”

This partnership is a natural fit and an extension of both companies’ mission statements. The ability to provide patients with an additional payment option via group funding is a powerful tool in the continuing evolution of patient-pay.

About PatientFocus

Established in 2010, PatientFocus is a patient-pay innovator focused on providing a customer-focused patient experience while driving significant increases in patient responsibility revenue for healthcare providers including hospitals, physician practices, and oncology facilities across the US who are focused on providing their patients with online payment solutions and interest-free financing options. 

About Pay By Group

Pay By Group is an online payment option that lets people pay together for shared expenses using credit or debit cards. Patients creating a Pay By Group for their medical bill can choose to split the total cost evenly or opt for a pay-what-you-can per person model with their friends and family. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more visit us at


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