Providing the Same Level of Care, Compassion and Customization That You Do

No two patients are exactly alike, and nowhere is that more true than in Oncology and Cancer care. Focus on the patient and their unique treatment not only drives better outcomes, but also provides the best experience possible during an extremely challenging time. At PatientFocus we consider it a privilage to extend that same level of care through the entire business process.

When it comes to Oncology, Patient Experience is everything.


Oncology represents both the brightest minds and the kindest people caring for patients, so we asked, “If the care provided by oncology doctors, and nurses is second to none, why should the patient billing be anything less?”

Our people protect the Patient Experience in everything we do. Our clients demand it, and our patients deserve it.

Few patient-billing companies have the depth of experience and unique focus on the oncology space as PatientFocus. For the past seven years, PatientFocus has consistently demonstrated that working with oncology patients on their budget and their timeframe not only protects the Patient Experience, but also improves our clients’ bottom line.

We built PatientFocus for accuracy, speed, and scale, but more importantly, we built it to protect the Patient Experience.

Sympathetic consciousness of others' distress, combined with a desire to help alleviate issues.


  • Our mission “Put the Patient First” protects your brand and the Patient Experience
  • Billing professionals are rewarded on interactions not collections
  • Zero-interest payment plans are available to all patients.
The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.


  • Consistent and synchronized statements, phone calls, and web portal
  • Patient financing options are offered on every statement and always available on the web portal
  • All billing-related communications begin on Day 1 of patient responsibility
The quality of being transparent, coherent and intelligible.


  • Turning complex data into statements that make sense
  • Keeping you informed with real-time data and reporting
  • Our billing team is only a call or click away
The action of modifying to suit a particular individual or task.


  • Industry best practices combined with your billing processes
  • Flexible and adaptable platform for you and your team
  • Payment options designed specifically for Oncology


Clarity & consistency from Day One

Patients can return without fear of an unpaid debt

Payment options not limited by your system

Interest free payment options to help patients pay


100% white labeled

No change in workflows for your team

A "patient first" approach that protects your brand

Billing plans that reflect Oncology's unique billing cycle

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