On December 8, 2007, I received the first of several medical bills following the delivery of my healthy baby boy. This beautiful baby and my wife were perfect. The innumerable medical bills were not. It did not take long to realize that medical bills like these were here to stay, and neither patients like me nor providers like our OB were prepared.

Medical bills, patient financial responsibility, healthcare consumerism, patient-pay – whatever the term – boils down to this: patients now owe providers, and providers must collect from patients. This is not as simple as it sounds, as most provider billing offices were set up to bill only insurance carriers, not patients. In spite of this, chances are that you and your family have paid more out of pocket for healthcare over the last twelve years than our parents ever did over their entire lifetimes.

My father was a cardiologist and by far the kindest person I ever knew. He knew his patients were among the most vulnerable and that untenable medical bills only made a frightening health crisis even worse, but no one knew what to do about it. The systems and resources used to collect from insurance have nothing to do with what it takes to collect from patients.

In 2007, I wanted to start a company that would fix this problem for patients but knew that this company would also have to fix this problem for hospitals and doctors like my dad. PatientFocus stands in the gap between a patient who is sick and scared and a healthcare system that is dangerous and broken. Our people are dedicated to ensuring that every patient we serve has exactly what they need to understand their bill, the all the time they need to pay it, and every possible chance to avoid the financial stress that comes with getting sick today. We built PatientFocus to help patients meet their obligations to our clients, and by putting the patients’ needs first – above all else – we have helped our provider clients improve the lives of their patients, the cash flow of their practices, and the financial experience for everyone.

- David Frederiksen
CEO and Founder

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