Patient Portal

Our HIPAA-compliant portal provides patients with 24-hour access to their billing information from any device. And because we’re 100% white-labeled and customizable, it’s your branding and logo they see – ensuring a seamless patient experience.

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We handle all billing-related communications from Day One. Why is this important? Consistency. From statements, phone calls, texts, emails, and our payment portal; the patient receives a consistent experience that results in an increased collection rate.

Billing statements can be confusing, and confused patients don’t pay. With our system, we’re able to take complex data and provide patients clear, easily understandable information. Our statements provide patients the clarity needed to know what to pay and a convenient way to pay it.

If patients have questions or need to arrange a payment, our team is only a phone call or click away. It’s this combination of people and platform that drives meaningful, compassionate interactions and results.

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